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Villa Felice, Villa Luganese - Cadro
Holiday Home and Apartments

Holiday - Tourism - Sport – Relax

bed and breakfast, casa di vacanza - lugano, ticino


The vacation house Villa Felice is situated in a very quiet and peaceful area and offers a spectacular view of the Gulf of Lugano, the lake and Mount San Salvatore. The holiday house, looks warm and modern, and offers an excellent insulation... Read more

appartamento di vacanza - lugano, ticino


The top offer of the Holiday House Villa Felice is the renting of the holiday flat. It consists of 3 bedrooms plus living room, modern kitchen and bathroom with shower / WC, cable TV, WI - FI and can accommodate up to a maximum of 7 persons (possibly up to 9)... Read more

camere doppie di vacanza - lugano, ticino

Double rooms

The Holiday House Villa Felice also offers two double rooms. The rooms are equipped with cable TV, WI - FI, refrigerator and offer views on the Gulf of Lugano. The use of shower and toilet is in common... Read more

seminterrato di vacanza - lugano, ticino


The entry level offering of the Holiday House Villa Felice is represented by a comfortable basement rooms to be used by a maximum of two people. It features a comfortable double bed, WC and shower... Read more